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"New Testimonial!

"Thank you for the time and interest you gave us at our appointment with you.  It was really good to meet you in our efforts to support our aunt.  Your advice, experience, and guidance as we move forward is more helpful than you know.  It's been challenging navigating these waters with our aunt, firmly at the helm! With your understanding we have a greater insight that she is indeed a capable captain of her ship!  You are a wonderful resource for families with your kind heart and candid way that truly helped us."  

~T.D, Raleigh, NC 

Very caring and elder-focused. Lauren has been so helpful and a positive influence for our family. I just need to add a couple of things to my recommendation. As time has gone on, the impact that Lauren  has had on my family continues to impress. Thanks to her compassionate help and understanding, our lives are so much better. Lauren opened the doors to a geriatric care management network that i would never have known about otherwise. From an initial doctor recommendation, i have journeyed to sort out daycare vs. long term placement. I have provided mom with benefits we never knew existed - with more on the horizon. Love, love, love my decision to get Lauren's help. Benefts FAR outweigh the costs!

~Charlotte K., Raleigh, NC

Lauren Watral was a godsend in helping me make important decisions with regards to my mother and her health care with the diagnosis of Alzheimers. She is a facilitator of resources and her wide experience with caring for elders is clearly evident and her empathy and compassion is truly authentic. I am relieved that at a point in my life where I truly did not have the answers, Lauren stepped in a together guided myself and my siblings in helping us to find a medIcal plan and residency that fit the needs that my mother had at the time.
~Nancy C., Raleigh, NC

"Before Raleigh Geriatric Care Management came into our lives, we were unsure of our options with regard to home care for an aging parent and aunt. Additionally, we became more confident in knowing where to turn for help and how to proceed with our next step. Lauren Knows the landscape of elder care and never failed to offer workable solutions to our many dilemmas. I would recommend lauren without hesitation to anyone facing the complicated questions of dealing with aging parents."
~Paul G. , Raleigh, NC

"If you are feeling overwhelmed, scared and confused about how to care for you're aging parent do yourself a favor and hire Lauren Watral at Raleigh Geriatric Care Management Aging Life Care Professional â„¢.
She knows her business inside and out and can save you tons of time, money and angst. Lauren, your assessment and suggestions along with recourses have been a life saver! With your guidance I finally feel like I can get ahead of the situation with my aging mother and stepfather. It has given us a concrete plan ( now and going forward) and peace of mind! Thank you so much for your valuable service."
~Katherine F., Raleigh, NC

"I was a group member of ACAP (Adult Children of Aging Parents) since November 2009. when I first came to the meetings, I was in crisis, dealing with my father's dementia. I have since learned skills to help me cope with his disease, found comfort with the group sharing ideas, books to read, shared similar situations, and somehow have found a way to take my life back without too much guilt, while making sure my father is taken care of. Lauren's skills as a Geriatric Care Manager have been so helpful for me and my family while going through these trying times. It is nice to know that there is someone to turn to, with the knowledge, skills, and personal care that Lauren brings to the table."
~Donna S. , Raleigh, NC

"Lauren Watral at Raleigh Geriatric Care Management has been a valuable resource for all aspects of coordinating care for my elderly father. We continue to reach out each time a new challenge arises. Her calm presence has been such a comfort to me and my family. I would encourage anyone that is helping to care for an aging family member to contact her for help and support."
~Lauren I., Raleigh, NC

"Lauren was always right there when I needed her even in times when I didn't know I needed her. Her familiarity with services for children caring for aging parents is outstanding. Having a support group that was solution focused could not have been possible without her professional skills. Thank you, Lauren, for the nurture you provided to me and to connections made through support group. Connecting with others helped break the barriers of isolation. Knowing that I was not alone was comforting."
~O.M. Raleigh, NC

"Dealing with aging parents is so challenging and confusing. Lauren Watral of Raleigh Geriatric Care Management helps you wade through the emotional issues as well as being an expert on the resources available for support. She has been a tremendous help to me and I highly recommend Raleigh Geriatric Care Management."
~Jean E. Raleigh, NC

"Lauren helped my family with referrals, advice, counsel and all the "normal" things. However, she also provided confidence that allowed us to be better advocates for my Mom, and to know that we needed to PUSH the healthcare system in order to make it work. It would have been too easy to not push - Dr's and hospitals don't make it easy. They don't treat the whole patient. Lauren knows contacts to help you get specialists that care and understand the challenges of elder care. She helps you take control and manage the health care process. I knew that she had my back and I could bring her in at any time to help push things along. Because of this, Mom is HOME and doing great - better than she has been in YEARS - all because we pushed for certain things to be done - that never would have been done without having Lauren in our corner."

~Janni C.

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